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Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society Data Center
Kirklin/Ashburn Research Fellowship

The CHSS Data Center offers a 2 to 3 year Fellowship to study data management and the statistical methods of data analysis. The Fellowship was initiated with the appointment of the 1st Fellow, Dr. David Ashburn in 2001. David successfully completed his Fellowship and earned a Master of Science postgraduate degree from the University of Toronto. Sadly, as David was completing his education in congenital heart surgery in Ann Arbor, Michigan he and 5 colleagues were killed in an airplane crash while on transplant retrieval, June 4, 2007. In honor of David and our founding member Dr. John W. Kirklin, the Fellowship of the CHSS Data Center was re-named the Kirklin/Ashburn Fellowship.

The Kirklin/Ashburn Fellowship register in a Masters or Doctorate program at the University of Toronto. They are mentored within the Data Center by the faculty and given advanced statistical education by Drs. Brian McCrindle and Eugene Blackstone.

The Kirklin/Ashburn Fellowship Fund was established to support the CHSS Data Center Research Fellow. In 2008, CHSS changed the name of the John W. Kirklin Fellowship Endowment Fund to the John W Kirklin/David A. Ashburn Fellowship Endowment Fund. This change was made in recognition of Dr. David Ashburn, the very first Kirklin Fellow, who was tragically killed when his flight crashed on June 4, 2007 after procuring a donor organ for transplantation.

The CHSS Data Center, located at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, plays a crucial role in recording, analyzing and tracking the data of many patients with congenital heart disease. Moreover, the Research Fellow is critical to furthering the goals of both the CHSS and the Data Center while providing an outstanding research experience for a young trainee. In order to recruit the very best talent available, we must ensure that the John W. Kirklin/David Ashburn Fellowship Fund is fully supported.

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