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Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society Data Center
DTA: Data Transfer Agreements

A Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) is required to allow each participating CHSS institution to transfer data to the CHSS Data Center. The CHSS Data Center cannot accept any data without a fully signed agreement in place. Typically, the agreement will need to be reviewed by your Legal Department. Your legal representative and site coordinator will ensure that the appropriate signatures are obtained and a scanned copy of the partially executed DTA is sent back to the Data Center. If any of the study Principal Investigators need to be changed or added onto the study, a "rider" would need to be signed by them and sent to the Data Center to append to the existing Data Transfer Agreement.

The templates below must be used to ensure consistency between all sites participating in CHSS studies. If you require a Word documents of the "Data Transfer Agreement" or "Rider" templates, please contact